Information for Students

Are you a current student of Bradley University? Looking for work that actually has something to do with your major and interests? Then you need to consider joining the Enterprise Program.

Students will have the opportunity of working on peer led teams around the University that were designed around specific disciplines. That means you will be working on a team of students that enjoy and have similar skill sets as you. And you will be paid for your work.

Don't see a team that fits your skill sets? Don't worry. Apply for the program and we will either place you on a team if we see a fit, or create a team based on current client demands! We can also add students with minimal to no skill set to a particular team based on their desire to learn more of this skill. These students will be unpaid initially, until the team leader sees fit to promote them to paid status to work on projects.

These teams will be self-managed by a student team leader. They will be responsible for allocating out student work based on the client projects we give them. This program will not be a full work load. It should be looked at as a side job, a supplement to your current course load and job. Students may also receive projects during the Summer if they so desire! The Enterprise Program will also be a great resume builder for all those going through the program.

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