Peoria Specialty Providing a COVID-19 Testing Alternative

Peoria Specialty, Inc. have been specializing in providing wound care services and vehicle accessibility since their founding in 2004. They have adjusted well and adapted to new technologies and ways of thinking. Now, they are expanding into the realm of providing a different kind of COVID-19 test.

They have recently contracted with Bio Testing Supplies ( BioHit / Avrio Genetics ), a company that offers rapid antibody COVID-19 testing. “Their corporate mission is to work with HUBZone companies in the medical industry to distribute this test and we are now business partners with them”, stated John Kelly, President of Peoria Specialty.

They are set up to offer Antibody testing for Health Fairs, businesses, schools, mobile testing, etc. They are offering these tests to the public as well as physicians’ offices. With the addition of the RT-PCR saliva test, in combination with the antibody test, they are able to offer a solution that represents the virus’s entire life cycle with great accuracy and quick results. Nobody offers this locally outside of Chicago and it is saliva-based, which is a potential alternative for people who experience discomfort with the nasal swab test.

Results come back within 24-48 hours and it is a diagnostic test which will allow you to be able to get back to work, school, or get on an international flight. The saliva test will cover the very early stage of the virus (like the nasal swab), the antibody test will show if a person has the IgM antibody (first antibody produced) and the long term antibody IgG, which indicates immunity. Peoria Specialty, Inc. is excited for this offering. According to Scott Wood, Vice President: “By giving people answers, decisions can then be made with facts and not fear. We can help stop this virus!”

Peoria Specialty, Inc. has been working with the Foster College of Business and the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley University for years. Over the last few years, they have been working with Keli Krueger-Huhra, Director of the Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), at Bradley University, to give our small business focus and to pursue business opportunities. She was instrumental in helping them apply for and achieve their HUBZone status, which they acquired last year. Since then, they have had access to Federal and State buying opportunities that they may never have had without her help.

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