Dodie Gomer Enterprises - Success Story Spotlight

Local Talent Builder Provides Leadership Skills Necessary to Succeed

By Kelcie Eminian, Journalism Intern, Illinois Small Business Development Center, Bradley University

Born as number nine out of 10 children in her family, Dodie Gomer was raised to understand the value and importance of making others successful, eventually providing her with the foundation she needed to develop her own business.

With over 25 years of experience in human resources, Gomer’s most recent corporate position included developing the Environmental Health and Safety Talent Pipeline for Caterpillar along with a team of global leaders.  

She discovered that across multiple industries and professions, people are often only developed in their own specific areas of work--not all are given the leadership skills necessary to succeed. 

Gomer says, “Industries were only giving leadership training to those that are considered high potential, but everyone needs that skill, no matter what the circumstance.  I think companies are limiting their talent pipeline by carving out a list of people and calling them their high potentials and treating them different… Let’s give everyone the same tools necessary to succeed.” 

In January 2016, professional organizations met Gomer to speak and consult, and she expanded off of that venture.  She has succession planning and talent pipeline tools that can be delivered to organizations and adapted for individuals. The goal is for all professionals to go beyond their technical expertise. All professionals deserve the deliberate focus on the how – the real tools to get the job done.

Dodie Speaking Pic

Gomer immediately began working with the Illinois Small Business Development Center [SBDC] at Bradley University. Gomer says the SBDC provided her with a great focus on the scope of her venture, helping her narrow down her audience, her goals, client needs, and a timeline to accomplish it all.  She says the SBDC also helped her gain access to other technical tools she needed to grow, including obtaining accounting information and an LLC. 

Gomer has combined her years of experience with the support of the SBDC, and now provides various organizations and professional groups with breakout sessions, keynote speeches, and workshops--all designed to develop necessary leadership skills that she believes are essential to success.

She notes that some of the challenging aspects of running her business include self-marketing, as well as working with clients that aren’t the best match.  Her global network is wide enough that she can quickly refer her clients to the right resources.

However, the list of benefits in running her business is vast. 

“With what I do, listening is key and creativity has no limit. I can be creative in content and delivery. I am grateful for clients I get to work with, and I love seeing them succeed in using the tools I provide them with...their success in action.” 

Despite Gomer’s business being so unique, there are other local competitors. She likes to keep things collaborative, though. “I meet with them and we compare ideas, and create an underlying theme, I like to work along with them. I even refer them to other organizations.”

Her advice to future entrepreneurs? “Know your area well. Focus on what your audience wants and how to deliver it. Be bold, throw out doubt, and just go.” Call the Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley University early!

To find out more information, or to contact Dodie Gomer, visit her website at