Excelling with Champion Labs

Excelling with Champion Labs

By Marceliano Briones, Journalism Intern, Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, Bradley University

Hailing from Fairfield, Illinois, Pam Schell got her start at Airtex Products. Holding a degree in Business Administration, Schell got her start in the field of customer service which lasted 30 years. Following Airtex departure from Fairfield, UCI International’s Champion Labs offered her the role as a Trade Compliance Manager. Though the role is still being defined, Schell has duties such as developing import and export manuals, conducting import and export training within all three business units in the company, and handling day to day situations.

Busn sign w-flagMore recently, in 2017, Schell earned her designation as a Certified Global Business Professional which confirms knowledge in international trade and a Certified Customs Specialist. By the new year, she plans to obtain an additional certificate in exports.

Though Champion Labs was founded in 1955 and the company is now well established, Schell found the services offered at the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University highly beneficial as she adjusted into her role. When she was in need of compliance training, Jim Foley, the director of the center, was able to conduct such training. She also gives thanks to Beatriz Ramirez, the Free Trade Agreement Specialist at the center, for assisting in providing knowledge on product classification, what Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) and Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) are, and counseling in the current Free Trade Agreement. The literacy she gained on documentation required for exports to certain countries ensured that all international deals and shipments would comply with modern laws and standards.


Noting that sales have moderately increased across the board, Schell states that Champion Labs has built a great business relationship with Canada. Today, they export to South America, the Middle East, and in many European countries.

Looking into the near future, Schell plans to further compliance training to all employees with the intention of having them understand how it affects the company and all individuals involved in day-to-day operations stating that it “touches part of their job without realizing it.” She also plans to obtain additional certificates to ensure there is proper and compliant guidance in regards to her role and all employees. With a universal need for automotive filters, there is no limits to how Champion Labs can expand.

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For further information, questions or concerns you can contact Pam Schell at pam.schell@champlabs.com or visit www.champlabs.com today.