LeFleur Floral Designs & Events - Success Story Spotlight

Local Business Owner Takes Chance on Fate

By Kelcie Eminian, Journalism Intern, Illinois Small Business Development Center, Bradley University 

Amy Morgan had dreamed of owning a flower shop since the age of eleven. Longing to leave the corporate world, she began exploring possible business ventures. Her journey as an owner began with an act of fate, and a business proposal.

She frequently visited LeFleur (a local flower and decor shop) in search of decorations and materials for her own space. After explaining her situation to the shop owner, she was offered a chance to acquire LeFleur’s entire business herself.

“At the time, it was appealing to purchase a company with instant employees, inventory, customers, and revenue,” she says.

Eventually, Amy finalized her decision to acquire the business and officially took over operations at LeFLeur. Since April of 2014, the shop is thriving, and has nearly doubled in staff, accomplishing a great increase in revenue.

Amy says this was mainly due to the natural growth of a new business, but increased social media presence and community involvement helped sales and profit grow. She worked to specialize tasks and streamline creative processes, helping to meet deadlines in the early moments of the business.

She notes that a major obstacle in the new business acquisition was being tasked with large amounts of pre-existing inventory. Amy had to sort through product and change the showroom “look” to create improved product lines.LeFleur - Red Roses Pic

Originally located in the town square (in Washington, IL), Amy moved the shop a mile away to a structurally improved building. While the original location had plenty of character, it was a challenge in terms of efficiency and layout. The new space contains several hand-built workstations, cabinets, metallic hand painted walls, and an improved floor plan.

Amy says, “The new building is more open and has greater ability for efficiency and communication. The sense of team is better here than we ever expected it to be.”

LeFleur specializes in three major areas: providing customized designs for weddings and events, showroom displays, and everyday occasions.

“We’re not just a flower shop, though,” she adds. The 1200 square foot showroom floor features a variety of unique and eclectic products like soaps, jewelry lines, and candles all sourced from other small business owners.

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley helped set Amy up for success, assisting her with business plans and projections, financing information, market analysis, and more.

“Understanding the business world is tough. Maintaining professionalism and integrity can be difficult in certain moments,” she says. But for Amy, there are great benefits as well.

While maintaining an emphasis on small business support, Amy also has an interest in community involvement. She holds a seat on the Washington’s Chamber board of directors and often jumps into community related events, aiming to do as much business locally as possible.LeFleur - Sunflower Pic

“I like that we get out of the business what we put into it. If we work hard, everything goes well.” 

This sense of hard work appeals to her, and is often displayed through the product itself. LeFleur works over 90 weddings and events a year, aiming to exceed customer expectations.

“It’s like instant gratification, that’s what we like.”

LeFleur Floral Designs & Events can be visited at its new location in Washington, or online via their website http://www.lefleurfloraldesign.com/ or one of several social media pages.