Mobile Mount

From Paper to Reality

By Ruth Bertram, Journalism Intern, Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, Bradley University

At their father’s 60th birthday breakfast, Wes Hoerr approached his younger brother Andrew with a unique idea - a smartphone holder for athletic stadiums. Little did the Hoerr brothers know, that this ‘napkin sketch’ idea would evolve into what is now known today as Mobile Mount, a small up and coming business that is making its way through the sports industry.

Wes came up with this idea after being unable to fit his iPhone into a cup holder during a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Although their product seemed successful at first, the Hoerr brothers went through many trial and errors when determining the mechanics of the device and how it was going to be funded.

Andrew, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Integris Engineering, would often talk to clients and coworkers about Mobile Mount. After many suggestions, Andrew came to Wes with a groundbreaking idea. 

“I know how we are going to make money on this,” said Andrew. “Sponsorship.”

in front of baseball fieldSince their discovery of utilizing sponsorship, Mobile Mount has worked with many different companies displaying their business at athletic stadiums such as Carver Arena in the Peoria Civic Center and the Peoria Chiefs Dozer Park, and have been in contact with several other stadiums associated with professional teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Portland Timbers, and the Chicago Cubs.

As a result of working for Integris Engineering, Andrew was very familiar with the Illinois Small Business Development Center [SBDC] at Bradley University.

Andrew and Wes decided to reach out to the SBDC with Mobile Mount and worked alongside Ross Miller and later on Kevin Evans. The SBDC helped the Hoerr’s develop a business model and gain connections for their first trial run at the Peoria Civic Center.

“He was real and told us what we needed to hear rather than what we wanted to hear,” said Andrew, when describing his time spent with Miller at the SBDC.

Since working alongside the SBDC advisors and reconfiguring their business strategy several times, the Hoerr’s have been very successful. Some of their accomplishments have included winning the 2017 Keystart hosted by the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, Best Pitch and People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Brave Launch program at Bradley University, and they were featured in Inter-business Issues [IBI] magazine in the January 2018 edition of “Startups to Watch in 2018.”

For the future, the Hoerr's hope to expand their business to larger stadiums and redesign their product to hold charging stations for electronic devices. They are currently participating in Bradley’s SBDC Senior Consulting Project program where a small group of senior consulting students are applying their business acumen in hopes to redesign their business model to determine their ideal partnerships.

stadium seats

When reflecting on his journey with his brother through Mobile Mount, Andrew encourages new entrepreneurs to go outside their comfort zone.

“You can’t quit,” said Andrew. “Anything worth doing is going to be tough anyway.”

To find out more information, or to contact Mobile Mount, you can visit their Facebook Page or you email Andrew at