Going Global with Local Charm

By Marceliano Briones, Journalism Intern, Illinois SBDC International Trade Center, Bradley University

Hailing from the village of Metamora, Illinois, Myranda Smith recalls watching her father work in welding and fabrications throughout her country childhood. With an instinctive curiosity about what she witnessed, she would eventually work for the same company as her father. Her transition from that job into her admin and systems coordinator role at Simformotion LLC is owed to those accounts, one that she fell into and “finds comfort” in.

Simformotion 3 staff pic

Myranda Smith

Smith began her journey at Simformotion as a part-time worker before becoming full-time. This occurred swiftly due to the rapid increase in sales across the board in the company. She praises the environment in which she works for always adjusting to times and growth, paying attention to what customers want, and the flexibility in the way success is obtained.

Simformotion simulator

Her years thus far have been a comfortable ride. She appreciates how the company approaches strengths and weaknesses of its employees. She states that strengths are identified and then built on via experiences that create learning opportunity. When challenges have surfaced, she finds the services offered at the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University are extremely beneficial to overcome obstacles. In particular, Smith notes the “huge help” that Beatriz Ramirez, the Free Trade Agreement Specialist at the center, offered on the literacy of international shipping and logistics. She summarizes that experience as one that “helped the company so much.” Currently, Simformotion is working toward CE Certification with the assistance of Jim Foley, Director of the Center.

Being a part of a company that is not afraid to seek help to overcome its own challenges in order to reach new heights, Simformotion has attained a heavy presence in Australia. Business has substantially increased in part due to an official sales representative based in the region. Business with the Middle East, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) specifically, has also seen an increase. With an eye to the future, Smith states that she is willing to add more responsibilities to her plate if an opportunity for learning arises. She lives by the belief that if something is offered, then it is only right to try.

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