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Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA Program
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"The EMBA program gave me the confidence and skills to stay competitive in today’s business environment. The program combined my years of experience with higher education to be able to survive and prosper in today’s economic times. It was life changing, refining my focus on life and provided a strategy for business in today’s changing environment."

Steve Cady
Chief Executive Officer
Cady Oil

International Experience

Focusing on emerging markets, the EMBA international trip offers a first-hand education in cultural awareness and the nuances of doing business on an international level. In-depth visits to businesses in China, India, and the Middle East and one-on-one and panel discussions with international company executives in each of these destinations offer valuable experiential learning. In addition, the trip offers another venue for examination of topics discussed in class and an opportunity to practice skills in a new environment.

As an EMBA participant, you’ll prepare for this intensive 11-day trip with specific coursework examining the economic, socio-cultural, and workplace environments of your destination. By researching each of the companies on the itinerary, you’ll be ready with questions to make the most of discussions with each of the company’s executives.

In addition to group visits to businesses, you will research, plan, and conduct your own solo company visit. Some participants visit international divisions of their own organization, others find businesses in similar fields such as medical, engineering, or information technology, and a few take this opportunity to research a selected company for possible partnerships or joint ventures.

Once the choice is made, you’ll spend time planning the agenda for the visit, researching your chosen company, conducting market research, and arranging important details such as securing the proper visas and arranging for transportation. The solo visit is an integral part of the Falcon EMBA’s international experience providing “on the ground” insight into the particulars of international business.

Here are a few comments from recent EMBA participants regarding their solo company visits while in India:

International Trips

Visits to important historical sites such as the Great Wall of China or India’s Taj Mahal, special ethnic dinners, and time for individual exploration balance the intensive business–oriented schedule and offer a differing view of the culture and place.