How You Benefit

Learn at Your Own Pace

Courses are offered year-round allowing you to control the speed at which you progress through the program. Designed for the working professional, GCM program classes meet during the evenings, weekends, or over the Internet in an accelerated semester format of 7 weeks or fewer. Both Fall and Spring semester start dates are available.

Make Connections

As a GCM student you’ll take classes alongside others from both the MBA and GCM programs allowing you to network, learn from, and collaborate with students from different educational backgrounds, nationalities, professions, and industries. Enjoy the benefits of free membership to Bradley's MBA Association, an active student organization which coordinates networking, social, and enriching educational and leadership experiences.

Weekly ROI

Our curriculum is focused for hands-on learning—giving you tools and skills to put to work immediately whether you are currently in a new management role or anticipating the jump to increased leadership responsibilities. With your enhanced leadership knowledge and skills, you’ll also increase your value as an employee.

A Value-driven Experience

Different from seminar-based professional learning opportunities, the Graduate Certificate in Management provides an extended, “on–campus” academic experience and in-depth contact with faculty and professional peers. As an added benefit, you can also apply your GCM credit hours of study toward an MBA from Bradley and double the value of your education.

Active, Experienced Faculty

Professors with doctoral degrees in their disciplines and three executives-in-residence are eager to share their expertise and experience in and out of the classroom. Because Bradley GCM faculty live locally, you also benefit from face-to-face access with professors for questions, discussion, and one-on-one meetings. With faculty continually engaged in consulting and research on regional, national, and international levels, you’ll stay on top of the most up-to-date business theories and how their applications can impact current business challenges.