Employer Benefits

 With an GCM from Bradley, you’ll bring more to the table in your current management position and be prepared for future opportunities. You’ll have the capability to “Be More”—for yourself and for your organization.

Be More—Capable

The program’s focus on interpersonal communication will make you a stronger leader and a better team member. As you learn, your company benefits from your emerging team–building, communication, and decision–making skills.

Be More—Effective

Our commitment to an applied, real-business education means you’ll bring new ideas and skills to your workplace. Individual and team projects based on real-business cases, sometimes from within your own company mean you’ll be applying your knowledge for direct and tangible results.

Be More—Valuable

Obtaining your Graduate Certificate in Management is a wise investment—with important dividends for you and your employer. With each course, you’ll build the necessary knowledge and skills to reach your potential and bring value to your organization.