Course Descriptions

Business Ethics

Discuss the various factors involved in the ethical and moral decision-making process, which managers employ in the course of their work activities. Using a case study approach, this course examines the broad concepts and principles of moral reasoning and ethical decision-making and analyzes the cognitive processes and social forces that impact managers’ ethical choices. (Elective course)

Executive Development

Examine theory and research of the developmental stages of executive careers, including the impact of the organization on the executive personality; forces influencing the development of executive skills and abilities; studies of antecedents of executive role performance; and the role of training programs in executive development. (Elective course)

Interpersonal Relations

Understand the foundations of interpersonal behavior and increase your self-awareness using a variety of assessment instruments. Learn, develop, and apply interpersonal skills critical for managerial success. (Core or Elective course)

Marketing Decision-Making

Discuss marketing management problems, policies, and solutions. Analyze case studies of marketing problems, research possible solutions, and apply marketing techniques to business problems. (Elective course)

Management Theory

Learn and apply managerial decision-making to plan, organize, direct, coordinate, and control operations. Study emerging issues and trends and discuss the integration of principles and concepts with contemporary concerns. (Core or Elective course)

Obtaining, Analyzing, and Applying Market Information

Learn how to gather, understand, and use marketing information for business decision-making, including database marketing, qualitative research, electronic research, forecasting, and computer software data analysis packages. (Elective course)

Organizational Behavior

Analyze individual and group behavior in the organizational environment. Using case analysis and classroom experiences examine topics of motivation, leadership, communication, conflict, change, decision-making, organizational theory, and authority and power of lower-level participants. (Core or Elective course)

Topics in Business Administration

Explore topics of special interest, which may vary each time the course is offered. (Elective course)