Employer Benefits

Investing in your education produces valuable dividends for you and your employer. Many companies offer financial support for employees enrolled as MSA students at Bradley. Bradley University’s Preferred Employer Program offers significant tuition discounts for your employer—and passes the educational savings on to you.

With an MSA from Bradley, you’ll bring more to the table in your current position, and be properly prepared for future opportunities. You’ll have the capability to “Be More”—for yourself and for your organization.

Be More—Effective

The rapid pace of business produces new innovations as well as new ‘unknowns’ for today’s accountants. Bradley’s MSA coursework focuses on applying your research and analytical skills to seek appropriate solutions to unprecedented questions—the very questions you’ll face within your organization. Equipped with a deeper understanding of possible approaches and tools, you’ll be prepared to find logical answers to “the unknown” as you lead your organization toward the future.

Be More—Informed

An MSA from Bradley will update your knowledge and provide the skills you need to stay on top of recent developments within your profession. In-depth accounting courses will increase your technical knowledge while a wide range of electives allows you to develop the necessary skill sets to move ahead within your organization.

Be More—Qualified

Opportunities to develop essential communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills enable you to become a stronger leader and a better team member. Equipped with your leadership skills and accounting certification you’ll be more qualified to handle increased decision-making and long-range planning responsibilities.

Be More—Comprehensive

Bradley’s MSA program offers the flexibility to fill knowledge gaps and explore areas of interest, making you a more well rounded professional. With a deeper knowledge of accounting, business, and management, you’ll gain a more strategic perspective and the capability to take on a leadership role within your organization.

Be More—Valuable

Your ability to provide, interpret, and communicate data for decision-making makes you a valuable asset to your organization. Bradley’s MSA program can assist you in becoming a more effective analyst, communicator, strategist, and leader. With each course, you’ll build the necessary knowledge and skills to reach your potential and bring value to your organization.