Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Foster College of Business is a professional school that through close interaction and experiential learning, empowers individuals and organizations to achieve great outcomes. We accomplish this by engaging with learners of all types, conducting original research, and contributing to the betterment of our college, university, professions, and communities.

Through close interaction

Our first priority is helping our students learn - undergraduates, graduates and clients. The Foster College is comprised of an impressive team of teachers, scholars, and professionals committed to student learning through close interaction. Energized by our research and engagement with the business community, we share knowledge and experience to provide a rich learning environment for our students and clients.

and experiential learning

An important part of all learning, whether we are educating students for their initial first jobs, improving the leadership skills of experienced managers, or directly serving a business client, is to work on real business problems and apply what they learn with our faculty. Our coursework combines theoretical and practical perspectives where students gain relevant and practical experience through project-based learning with business clients, field experiences, and internships.

we empower great outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Internships, jobs, improved leadership skills, advanced managerial skills – The Foster College is dedicated to individual organization advancement and improvement, from job placement statistics to improved company performance.

Vision Statement

To be the standard for engagement, innovation, and impact in business higher education.

Our Values

In everything we do, we value integrity, persistence, innovation, collaboration, impact, growth, diversity, and risk taking.

Distinctive Competencies

Faculty who are scholar/educators, utilization of experiential learning, expertise in providing business acumen to technical professionals.