Sales graduates practically guaranteed a job

April 7, 2011

While many students fear being unemployed after graduation, Bradley students majoring in professional sales shouldn’t worry.

The program has upheld a 100 percent job placement rate, even through the recession.

Robert Stanley, a senior marketing student, attributes this success rate to the personal attention of sales professors at Bradley.

“They will not only make you aware of job offers that are out there but they actually get in touch with these people and recommend some of their students,” Stanley said. “The professional sales professors back their students; they back the work that they’ve been teaching their kids throughout the semester.”

Several recent graduates have reported as many as three job offers upon graduation.

Stanley thinks the quality and quantity of training that students receive in the classroom contributes to Bradley’s number of job offers for sales students.

“Our curriculum speaks for itself,” Stanley said. “By the time you’ve graduated, you’ve already had over eight role-plays. Our school in general has more experience at doing role-plays than most other schools.”

Alexandra Mating, an employed sales graduate, affirmed that Bradley’s curriculum applies to the work that she does for her job.

“The sales cycle that is taught during sales classes at Bradley is used on a daily basis for my current position,” Mating said.

Mating is regional business development manager for Standard Register Health Care.

“The ‘real world’ role-plays we did during classes helped a lot,” Mating said. “Being able to know to ask questions and not enforce your product or solution to the customer up front really helps.”

Dr. Ed Bond, chair of Bradley’s Department of Marketing, thinks there are many benefits to joining Bradley’s sales program.

“Professional sales is an excellent career with many opportunities for rapid advancement,” Bond said. “Our graduates have interesting jobs and work for great companies.”

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