6 Students for 6 Sigma

November 25, 2013

By Sarah Marshall, '15 

A new course is coming to The Foster College of Business this January Interim. Ross Fink and Aaron Buchko recognized a class about 6 Sigma would be useful to students who would learn it later in their professional careers.

Eventually, they partnered with Caterpillar to bring the course to campus.

The course, called Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt, will be taught by a CAT Master Black Belt and will meet 8 a.m.-5 p.m. for a week in Westlake Hall 116. In this week, students will gain valuable knowledge about the 6 Sigma process. Six Sigma is an improvement process focused on quality and productivity.

“Students will get the chance to work side by side CAT professionals and build connections with them along with getting three hours of course credit,” said Fink, department chair of management and leadership.

This course will allow students to get ahead before they enter the professional world. Many organizations train their employees in the 6 Sigma process, and students who already have experience with the process will standout to organization leaders. The students will walk away with different perspectives, not only about 6 Sigma but about the professional lives of their fellow classmates.

The course, titled BMA 459 in the class catalog, will count toward management majors and minors, but Fink acknowledges that program would be good for any engineering or business student. Juniors and seniors would be best suited for BMA 459, and students must apply to become enrolled in the class. Only six students will have the opportunity to be a part of this rare experience. They will learn alongside twenty-four Caterpillar employees.

This labor intensive course will culminate in a Friday afternoon graduation ceremony. The students will be given a Caterpillar 6 Sigma Green Belt, and Caterpillar plans to invite a VP level Caterpillar Executive to contribute to the ceremony.

For more information about how to apply for the course, contact Fink at rf@bradley.edu.