Business Students Reflect On Week Long 6 Sigma Class

February 14, 2014

By Lindsay Anderson

For one week during the January Interim semester, two Foster College of Business seniors took the week long BMA 459 Topics in Management class.  Not only did they learn alongside three Bradley University engineering students and various Caterpillar professionals, they also received three hours of credit and a Lean 6 Sigma Greenbelt after completing the week-long course.

Senior Cody Kentzel, a Business Marketing Major and player on the Bradley University Baseball team, felt this class was a great learning experience.  “Not only was I able to network with other Caterpillar professionals, I was also able to learn and understand specific 6 Sigma items and scenarios that were actually implemented at Caterpillar.”

Everything that was taught within the class gave Kentzel real-life examples, in either Caterpillar businesses or dealerships, to reflect on. 

“I would highly recommend this class,” Kentzel continued.  “The class was presented with efficiency, the leaders and professors really knew what they were talking about and I think Bradley should consider offering this class more often.”

Senior Adam Ulbricht, a Business Management Major, also took the January Interim BMA 459 course and felt the class was both a unique opportunity and a priceless experience.

“I had some knowledge of 6 Sigma before,” Ulbricht said, “but this class intrigued me.  By utilizing 6 Sigma methods to simulated projects, I gained a deeper understanding of its overall application.  It provided a structured method to solving problems.”

Ulbricht went on to say, “The atmosphere differed greatly from a typical academic class because everyone remained focused on the topic—yet a relaxed and professional environment prevailed.  The Caterpillar professionals were very friendly and open to any questions or ideas presented by Bradley students.  Our input was always valued.”

Ulbricht also has advice for future students who elect to take the class.  “Do not feel intimidated.  Immerse yourself in it.  This will allow you to learn more than just the subject material presented.  By sharing their personal journeys to becoming successful, the professionals provided insight on how to create your own path to success.”

All in all, both Kentzel and Ulbricht felt the class improved their marketability and enhanced their skill sets for their future careers.