MBA student, professor to publish article on life-work balance

November 15, 2012

By Kelsey Budd ’14

A paper written by Bradley MBA student Veronika Koubova and edited with Dr. Aaron Buchko, professor of management, will soon be published in the academic journal Management Research Review.

The paper, titled “Life-Work Balance and Emotional Intelligence” originated from an observation Koubova had while enrolled in Dr. Buchko’s management theory class. The article examines if and how people can be satisfied and successful simultaneously in both their personal and work lives. Koubova theorized that people with a high emotional intelligence can strike the right balance between their careers and personal lives.

“I am proud of the work,” Koubova said. “I like the model and I think the paper is high quality. I am really grateful for Professor Buchko help and guidance. Without him I know this paper would have never happened.”

Dr. Buchko provided feedback and encouraged Koubova to pursue her theory further and said her success is a plus for Bradley students.

“What was brilliant about the paper was that she asked a really simple question. The traditional approach is work-life balance and it was purposely worded as life-work balance because the question is, when did work become more important than life?” Dr. Buchko said. “It tells you something about the quality of our students, the quality of our faculty and the quality of our educational process.”

Dr. Buchko credited Koubova, originally from the Czech Republic, as the lead author on the article and said he played more of an editing role in the process. His experience in the field, having published multiple articles in the past, helped with submitting the article for review.

“You know how the game is played, what the editors and reviewers want and how to respond to reviewer requests,” Buchko said. “You try to do what you can to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.”

The duo worked on the paper for nearly a year before the journal accepted the article. It should be published within the next six to eight months.

Koubova wants her experience to encourage future Bradley students and international students like herself to set high goals.

“I hope to serve as an example and show students that are highly motivated and interested in publishing that it’s possible. Bradley is an amazing school with amazing faculty and they will help them do that,” she said.