Foster College of Business Helping Tornado Victims

November 25, 2013

By Lindsay Anderson

The tornado that devastated Washington and its surrounding areas affected many Bradley University students, alumni, faculty and staff members.  The Foster College of Business reached out to help its own affected community.

As early as first thing on Monday morning, Nov. 18, plans were implemented and action taken to help the college’s affected members in any way possible.

“Sunday’s tornado was a devastating event for our colleagues and friends.  The outpouring of generosity and support has been overwhelming,” Assistant Dean Heather McCord said.

Faculty and staff members brought in empty boxes, storage tubs, bottled water, garbage bags, monetary donations and numerous other supplies to help the College’s tornado victims.  Temporary shelter was offered for those who lost their home.  Cars, trucks and trailers were offered for transportation.  Meals and gasoline were delivered to as close to the disaster site as allowed by authorities.

The College then rallied together on Tuesday, November 19 to load an entire trailer full of donated supplies that Associate Dean Jason Garrett and Economics Professor Edward Sattler personally drove into Washington and delivered once donations and non-residents were allowed in and out of the town.

“I was truly proud to see our College come together in a time of need for our community,” Dean Darrell Radson said.  “These people experienced tremendous destruction to their homes and lives, and I hope our efforts to help can provide some light to those that were affected.”

Patricia Hatfield, Stephens Professor of Risk and Finance, resides in Washington and was not only affected by the tornado but witnessed the outpouring of support first-hand. 

“The Foster College of Business was absolutely wonderful,” she said.  “We also heard from President Glasser and Provost Glassman.  The support from both the College and the University provided a big lift of spirits, I’m sure, for all of us.”

The Foster College of Business plans to continue being a support system as rebuilding efforts progress.