The Theresa S. Falcon EMBA program is specifically designed to prepare today’s executive professionals to lead with clarity and confidence.

Integrated and Relevant

The EMBA curriculum integrates key knowledge and skills within economics, marketing, finance, operations, and management into courses focused on current business issues, such as managing costs, securing and maintaining your customer base, attracting and developing talented employees, and entering or competing in complex global markets.

As an EMBA participant, you’ll learn by doing: working on projects developed from actual business cases garnered from real companies including your own.

Competency Driven

Within the curriculum, each course is aligned with one or more of 4 Key Competencies: Leadership, Global Citizenry, Critical Thinking, and Strategic Positioning. As a whole, our EMBA program will enable you to:

  • lead with knowledge and integrity as you develop an awareness of your own leadership tendencies and a capability to recognize and effectively neutralize interpersonal issues,
  • understand your role as a global citizen, respecting the cultural dynamics of world economics and taking these into account in business decisions,
  • maximize your critical thinking skills to formulate effective solutions and construct an appropriate vision for the future of your organization, and
  • develop your ability to think strategically to formulate and operationalize strategically-sound initiatives.

Leadership Focus

Because effective leadership must be practiced to be learned, we supplement our leadership-focused coursework with personal leadership coaching throughout the EMBA program. Our coaches will meet regularly with you to create a personal development plan, assess leadership skills, and offer guidance for continued improvement. This long-term, individual leadership coaching is a unique aspect of our program, and a rarity among programs in the nation.


The Theresa S. Falcon EMBA curriculum was recognized with an “Innovation in the Leadership of Business Education” award in its first year of operation. Because of its progressive approach our curriculum also received one of three Mid-Continent East division awards in its first year of operation.