About Us

Bradley’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides the personalized attention of a liberal arts college, with the resources of a research university. If you are curious, passionate about learning, and love to explore, you will find a welcoming home in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Here are a few reasons why LAS might be just right for you.

Greater Depth and Diversity of Academic Majors and Coursework than Stand-Alone Liberal Arts Colleges. Because Bradley University is larger than most traditional liberal arts colleges, the depth and diversity of academic programs is significantly higher than most private colleges. Programs within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences serve more than 5,000 undergraduate students and boast facilities and resources not commonly available at smaller liberal arts schools. The depth and breadth of opportunity inspires many students to graduate with more than one major or minor, or to combine these academic resources within their own Interdisciplinary Individualized Major program.

Rigorous Academic Majors That Prepare Students for Success. LAS students enjoy rigorous programs of study that provide them the knowledge and skills that prepare them for success in all walks of life. The programs within the college are designed to expose students to the career options available immediately upon graduation as well as to options for postgraduate study. Pre-Law students can major in any of several popular choices throughout the University including political science, criminal justice, history and English and are supported by the University’s Pre-Law Center. Students who study science often go on to careers in medicine or health-related fields. Graduates of the College have an excellent placement rate into medical schools, graduate schools and other professional programs.

Can’t Decide on a Major?  If you have multiple interests and talents, Bradley is the place for you. Our major programs are designed to provide rigor and depth in your chosen field while providing ample opportunity to satisfy multiple interests. Students in the college of LAS can and do have a second major or a minor, or two. The college also offers a variety of interdisciplinary majors, some in collaboration with other colleges in the University, including an Interdisciplinary Individualized Major program, which allows students to create their own interdisciplinary majors, blending Bradley’s academic programs in unique ways to create new and exiting educational opportunities. And if you really don’t know where to start, Bradley’s Academic Exploration Program allows students to explore a variety of academic fields through coursework and exposure to career options.

Hands-on, Minds-on, Real-World Learning. Active learners with curious minds and fantastic imaginations, students in the college are both consumers and producers of new knowledge. Many students are published along with their professors in scholarly publications and present at national and international conferences. All programs in the college provide opportunities for “hands-on” learning through cooperative education, internships, practicums in clinical settings, and research participation. These experiences link the world of intellect to the world of work and practical application.