*For students entering Bradley University on or after Fall 2016. Students entering Bradley University before Fall 2016 should refer to the General Education requirements articulated in their Undergraduate Catalog year.


Advising Information

Advisement Information

The materials on this page are provided to assist with academic advisement under the Bradley Core Curriculum. Links providing information about new Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree requirements are provided in the left column; while resources created to assist students and advisors with determining the impact of opting into or out of the Bradley Core Curriculum are in the column to the right. Please note that the Toolkit link provided in the column to the right contains official documentation required for students to request an opt in or out of the Bradley Core Curriculum.

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Requirements

In order to complete Bachelor of Science degree requirements, students must complete 15 hours of courses selected from mathematics, computer science, and the natural sciences.

In order to complete Bachelor of Arts degree requirements, students must present credit for two years of college-level foreign language or its equivalent. This requirement may be met by the completion of a 202- or 300-level course or by transfer of similar credits from another institution or by a proficiency examination.

Full details on Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree requirements can be found here.

Information about retroactive credits for world languages is currently available in the Undergraduate Catalog at this link


The materials below are designed to assist advisors with conversations about students' options with opting into or out of the Bradley Core Curriculum.


The Toolkit page supplies all resources intended to help students and advisors understand the impact on graduation requirements for students who are interested in opting in or opting out of the Bradley Core Curriculum. Advisors who work with students who have the option of opting in or opting out will  find the Toolkit useful for helping students understand the impact of the decision to opt in or out. The Toolkit contains the official form students must use to submit their request to opt in or opt out. Access the Toolkit here.


The Bradley Core Curriculum / General Education Program Worksheet is useful when mapping out students' earned credits and comparing credit earned under the General Education Program to Core Curriculum (by hand). This worksheet is especially useful when students have completed coursework that could count toward more than one Area of Inquiry in the Core Curriculum.