*For students entering Bradley University on or after Fall 2016. Students entering Bradley University before Fall 2016 should refer to the General Education requirements articulated in their Undergraduate Catalog year.

Advising Information

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree must complete three semesters of college-level foreign language study or its equivalent. This requirement may be met in several ways: 1) Completion of a three-semester sequence (101-102-201) or higher in one language; 2) Completion of 102 or higher course in one language plus one course in another language; 3) Transfer of similar credits from another institution; 4) By proficiency examination (AP or CLEP); 5) By departmental examination in languages offered by the World Languages and Cultures Department. Option 5 is only available to non-native speakers. See department chair for details.

Students who have taken a foreign language in high school and wish to continue studies in the same language must take a placement examination. If a student places in 201 or higher the student will need to take only one course to fulfill the requirements for the B.A. degree. If a student places at the 102 level the student will need to take two courses to fulfill the requirements for the B.A. degree.

Students completing foreign language at the 202 level will also receive one GP in the Bradley Core Curriculum.

Information about retroactive credits for world languages is currently available in the Undergraduate Catalog at this link.

Bachelor of Science Requirements

In order to receive the Bachelor of Science degree, students must successfully complete at least 15 hours of courses selected from mathematics, computer science, and the natural sciences. The following courses may be used to fulfill the requirement for the B.S. degree—all courses in astronomy (AST), biology (BIO), chemistry (CHM), computer science and information systems (CS and CIS), geological sciences (GES), physics (PHY), science (SCI), mathematics (MTH, except MTH 109); any course cross-listed with a course offered under any of the prefixes listed above; any course approved for QR and NS credit; and, in addition, all other courses approved for B.S. credit by the University Senate.