Amsterdam - IES

English Composition (C1)
English composition (C2)
Speech (SP)
Mathematics (MA)
Western Civilization (WC)
Non-Western Civilization (NW)
Fine Arts (FA)
  • AH 315  Highlights of Dutch Art:  From Rembrandt to Mondriaan and Beyond
  • AR 250  Studio Tietveld:  An Introduction to Studio Art in Amsterdam
Human Values - Literature (HL)
Human Values - Philosophical (HP)
Cultural Diversity (CD)
  • SS/SO/GS 315   Introduction to the Study of Sexuality and Gender in the Context of Amsterdam
Social Forces (SF)
Fundamental Concepts in Sciences (FS)
Science & Technology in the Contemporary World (TS)
NO General Education Credit

If a course that you are interested in taking is not listed above, please provide a detailed course description and syllabus (if available) to  Dr. Kelly McConnaughay for general education credit evaluation.  You may e-mail the information to Dr. McConnaughay at or bring it to Bradley Hall 226.

Please note that approved general education credit courses may not be offered by programs of study every semester.