Buenos Aires - CEA

English Composition (C1)
English composition (C2)
Speech (SP)
Mathematics (MA)
Western Civilization (WC)
Non-Western Civilization (NW)
  • CUL357 - Culture and Civilization of Argentina
Fine Arts (FA)
  • SPAN354EZE - Cultural Visions Through Argentine & Latin American Cinema
Human Values - Literature (HL)
  • SPAN366 - Tales from the Pampas:  Reading Argentine Literature
Human Values - Philosophical (HP)
Cultural Diversity (CD)
  • GEN331 - Gay Buenos Aires:  Gender, Sexuality & the City
Social Forces (SF)
Fundamental Concepts in Sciences (FS)
Science & Technology in the Contemporary World (TS)
NO General Education Credit


If a course that you are interested in taking is not listed above, please provide a detailed course description and syllabus (if available) to Dr. Kelly McConnaughay for general education credit evaluation. You may e-mail the information to Dr. McConnaughay at kdm@bradley.edu or bring it to Bradley Hall 226.

Please note that approved general education credit courses may not be offered by programs of study every semester.