Copenhagen - Copenhagen University

English Composition (C1)
English composition (C2)
  • Creative Writing 
  • Travel Writing
Speech (SP)
Mathematics (MA)
Western Civilization (WC)
  • 20th Century European History
  • Classical Foundations: The Copenhagen Collections
  • Classical Greece
  • Classical & Renaissance Rome
Non-Western Civilization (NW)
  • The Enemy Within: Spies & Espionage in the Cold War
  • Muslims in the West
  • Putin's Russia
  • Russia: Past and Present
  • Russia: Superpower in Crisis
  • Russian Literature in a Cultural Context
  • Turkey at the Crossroads
  • War Crimes and Human Rights
Fine Arts (FA)
  • Ancient Art & Archeology: The Copenhagen Collections
  • Art Matters
  • Classical Foundations: The Copenhagen Collections
  • Contemporary European Film: The Individual & Society
  • European Art of the 19th Century: From Classicism to Symbolism
  • European Art of the 20th Century: From Expressionism to Post-War Art
  • European Art: From Impressionism to Abstract Art
  • History of European Ballet
  • History of European Film
  • Impressionism in Paris
  • Scandinavian Moods in Cinema
  • Scandinavian Classical Music
  • Venice:  Power, Art and Urban Space
  • Women, Art, Identity
Human Values - Literature (HL)
  • Beowulf in Denmark
  • Dickens and Andersen: Romanticism, Realism and Modernism
  • European Storytelling: From Homer to Harry Potter
  • Hans Christian Andersen & the Danish Golden Age
  • Kierkegaard Honors Level Seminar
  • Kierkegaard’s Authorship
  • Literary London
  • Masterpieces of Modern Scandinavian Literature
  • Nordic Mythology
  • The Rebel Child: Scandinavian Children’s Literature
  • Russian Literature in a Cultural Context
  • The Scandinavian Detective Novel
  • Vikings and Sagas: The Story of Iceland
Human Values - Philosophical (HP)
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Kierkegaard Honors Level Seminar
  • Kierkegaard’s Authorship
  • Philosophy & Religion in the Golden Age of Denmark
  • Public Health Ethics
  • Religion in Crisis: 18th Century European Thought
  • Religion in Crisis: 19th Century European Thought
  • The Anatomy of Hatred: Philosophy, Crime & Ethnic Conflict
  • The Making of the Modern Self
Cultural Diversity (CD)
  • Adolescence in Northern Europe
  • Child Diversity & Development Practicum
  • Children in a Multicultural Context: Seminar
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Gang Crime in Scandinavia
  • Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia
  • Holocaust & Genocide
  • Leadership Across Cultures
  • Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • Racism: Theory and Cases
Social Forces (SF)
  • 20th Century European History
  • Climate Change in a Historical Perspective
  • Copenhagen: History & Contemporary Urban Issues
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice in Scandinavia
  • Cultural Conflict: Immigration, Integration & Recognition
  • Danish Politics and Society
  • Development Economics
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Economic Theories of Globalization
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental History of Europe
  • Environmental Problems and Policy: A European Perspective
  • Epidemiology-Danish Case Studies
  • European Politics: The European Union
  • Health Economics & Health Policy in Europe
  • Holocaust & Genocide
  • Human Rights in Africa
  • Human Trafficking in a Global Context
  • International Law from a European Perspective
  • Israel: The Challenge of Contested Territory
  • Language, Youth & Society
  • Nationalism and Minorities in Europe
  • Political Rhetoric: Blogs, Speeches and Spin
  • Psychology and Criminal Behavior
  • Public Health in Northern Europe
  • Racism: Theory and Cases
  • The Power of Thought in Europe
  • The Role and Meaning of Play in Childhood
  • The Social Context of HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • The Anatomy of Hatred: Philosophy, Crime & Ethnic Conflict
  • Sustainable Development: Environmental, Political & Social Issues
  • Terrorism & Counterterrorism in International Politics
  • Religion & Politics in Europe
  • War Crimes and Human Rights
Fundamental Concepts in Sciences (FS)
  • Biology of Marine Mammals
  • Biology of Marine Mammals Lab
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Greenland: A Scientific Expedition
Science & Technology in the Contemporary World (TS)
  • Complexity of Cancer
  • Developmental Neuropsychology
  • Health Beyond Borders
  • Human Health & Disease: A Clinical Approach
  • Medical Biotechnology & Drug Development
  • Medical Exploration of HIV/AIDS
  • Medical Research Project
  • Metabolic Engineering & Functional Genomics
  • Neuroscience of Fear
  • Psychology & Health: Prevention & Application in a Danish Context
  • Renewable Energy Systems and Policy
  • The Impact of Epidemic Disease upon European History
  • The Impact of Plants on World History
NO General Education Credit
  • Brain Functioning and the Experience of Self
  • Climate Change in a Historical Perspective (No FS or TS)
  • Danish Language Instruction
  • Environmental History of Europe
  • European Conflict and Security Issues
  • The Jews in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present


If a course that you are interested in taking is not listed above, please provide a detailed course description and syllabus (if available) to Dr. Kelly McConnaughay for general education credit evaluation. You may e-mail the information to Dr. McConnaughay at or bring it to Bradley Hall 226.

Please note that approved general education credit courses may not be offered by programs of study every semester.