Granada - Central College

English Composition (C1)
English composition (C2)
Speech (SP)
Mathematics (MA)
Western Civilization (WC)
Non-Western Civilization (NW)
  • SPAN 345S  Latin American Civilization & Culture
  • SPAN 357S  Islamic Culture in Spain
Fine Arts (FA)
  • ART 311S History of Art in Spain
  • ART 313S History of Spanish Art (Renaissance to the Baroque)
  • ART 390S Contemporary Spanish Art
  • ART 720Sa Art History I (Ancient and Medieval)
  • ART 721Sa Spanish Art (Baroque to the Present)
  • MUS 790S Flamenco and Traditional Music
  • MUS 790S History of Spanish Music
  • THEA 790S History of Spanish Cinema
Human Values - Literature (HL)
  • SPAN 332S Spanish Literature (Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism)
  • SPAN 333S Spanish Literature from Renaissance to the Golden Age of Cervantes
  • SPAN 334S Images of Women in Spanish Literature (18th - 21st Century)
Human Values - Philosophical (HP)
Cultural Diversity (CD)
  • SPAN 344S  Spanish Civilization & Culture
  • SPAN 345S  Latin American Civilization & Culture
  • SPAN 356S  Islamic Culture in Spain
Social Forces (SF)
  • POLS 320S Society & Politics in Modern Spain
  • POLS 390S The Political System of the European Union
Fundamental Concepts in Science (FS)
Science & Technology in the Contemporary World (TS)
NO General Education Credit


If a course that you are interested in taking is not listed above, please provide a detailed course description and syllabus (if available) to Dr. Kelly McConnaughay for general education credit evaluation. You may e-mail the information to Dr. McConnaughay at or bring it to Bradley Hall 226.

Please note that approved general education credit courses may not be offered by programs of study every semester.