Staffordshire - Keele University

English Composition (C1)
English composition (C2)
Speech (SP)
Mathematics (MA)
  • MAT-10039:  Calculus I
  • MAT-10040:  Algebra II
  • MAT-10041:  Calculus II
Western Civilization (WC)
  • HIS-10033:  Anglo-Saxon England
  • HIS-10037:  Local History:  Medieval and Early Modern Periods
Non-Western Civilization (NW)
Fine Arts (FA)
  • ENG-10029:  Playing Parts:  Studying Drama and Poetry
  • FIL-10001:  Reading Film*
  • FIL-10002:  Approaches to Film
  • MUS-10033:  Twentieth-Century Musics
  • MUS-10034:  Introduction to Composition
Human Values - Literature (HL)
  • AMS-10025:  Starting Out:  An Introduction to American Literature
  • AMS-10027:  Transatlantic Gothic:  Studies in Nineteenth-Century English and American Literature
  • ENG-10022:  Poetry Through Practice
  • ENG-10023:  Fiction Through Practice
  • ENG-10026:  Reading Literature
  • ENG-10027:  Becoming a Critic
  • ENG-10028:  Telling Tales:  An Introduction to Narrative Fiction
  • FIL-10001:  Reading Film*
Human Values - Philosophical (HP)
  • PHI-10011:  How to Think
  • PHI-10013:  Moral Philosophy
  • PIR-10045:  Justice, Authority and Power*
Cultural Diversity (CD)
  • AMS-10024:  New York, New York:  An Introduction to American Culture
Social Forces (SF)
  • ECO-10019:  Households, Firms and Government
  • ECO-10025:  The British and Global Economy
  • ESC-10033:  Geology:  Rocks - Up Close
  • ESC-10034:  Geology:  Time & Space
  • ESC-10035:  Geographical Skills
  • ESC-10041:  People and the Environment*
  • GEG-10013:  Human Geographies
  • HIS-10026:  History, Media, Memory:  The Presentation of the Pasat in Contemporary Culture
  • HIS-10029:  Modern History
  • MDS-10010:  Understanding Culture
  • MDS-10018:  Mediated World
  • PIR-10038:  Why Politics Matters
  • PIR-10039:  Debates in American Politics
  • PIR-10041:  Introduction to International Relations
  • PIR-10043:  The Changing World:  A History of International Relations Since 1945
  • PIR-10045:  Justice, Authority and Power*
  • PIR-10046:  British Politics Since 1945
  • PIR-10047:  The Politics of Sustainability
  • PIR-10055:  Modern Democracies
  • PIR-10058:  Introduction to Global Political Economy
  • PIR-10060:  Securing Global Order
  • PSY-20012:  Developmental and Social Psychology
  • PSY-10017:  Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY-10018:  Individuals in Society
  • PSY-10022:  Psychology and Community Action
  • SOC-10009:  Social Inequalities in the Contemporary World
  • SOC10012:  Researching British Society
Fundamental Concepts in Sciences (FS)
  • CHE-10044:  Introductory Environmental Chemistry
  • CHE-10047:  Chemical Concepts and Structure
  • CHE-10048:  Practical and Professional Chemistry 
    Skills I
  • CHE-10049:  Practical & Professional Chemistry 
    Skills II
  • CHE-10050:  Chemical Properties and Reactions
  • CSC-10029:  Fundamentals of Computing
  • ESC-10036:  Geology:  Planet Earth
  • ESC-10037:  Geology:  Rocks, Mineral and Fossils
  • ESC-10039:  Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • ESC-10041:  People and the Environment*
  • LSC-10027:  Metabolism:  Major Metabolic Pathways
  • LSC-10031:  Cell and Molecular Biology
  • LSC-10032:  Genetics and Evolution
  • LSC-10033:  Ecology and Environment
  • LSC-10034:  Natures Tools:  Proteins and Enzymes
  • LSC-10036:  Cells and Organelles:  Biochemical Aspects of Cell Biology
  • LSC-10037:  Diversity of Life
  • LSC-10038:   Information and Inheritance
  • LSC-10039:  Human Physiology and Pathology 
  • PHY-10022:  Mechanics, Gravity and Relativity
  • PHY-10024:  Nature of Matter
Science & Technology in the Contemporary World (TS)
NO General Education Credit

 *  May only be used to satisfy one general education category requirement

If a course that you are interested in taking is not listed above, please provide a detailed course description and syllabus (if available) to  Dr. Kelly McConnaughay for general education credit evaluation.  You may e-mail the information to Dr. McConnaughay at or bring it to Bradley Hall 226.

Please note that approved general education credit courses may not be offered by programs of study every semester.