English Composition

The purpose of the 100-level writing (C1) component is to prepare students to communicate effectively during their academic careers.  Consequently, students should be given an opportunity to acquire the diverse range of skills and techniques needed to meet the requirement of subsequent college courses.  Specifically, 100-level writing outcomes include:

  • write accurately, clearly and effectively
  • achieve competence in grammar, punctuation and mechanics
  • complete all stages of the writing process successfully
  • demonstrate competence in research techniques and documentation

The outcome of 300-level writing (C2) component is to build upon the skills developed in 100-level writing and upon the intellectual development of students in their third and fourth year of study.  The upper-level writing course outcomes include:

  • write for a variety of audiences, contexts and purposes, including intellectual and scholarly work
  • reinforce the skills of mechanics, usage, grammar and research techniques developed in
    the 100-level writing requirement
  • develop sophisticated writing styles appropriate to upper-level undergraduate studies
  • refine abilities in critical thinking and writing