Interdisciplinary Major Program

The college offers a variety of interdisciplinary majors, some in collaboration with other colleges in the university. However, if your interests demand a program of study which doesn’t exist, you may be a candidate for the Interdisciplinary Major program, which allows students to create their own interdisciplinary majors, blending Bradley’s academic programs in unique ways to create new and exiting educational opportunities.

The Interdisciplinary Major Program (IMP) is a self-designed course of study for students interested in experiences that fall outside or between existing academic programs. The program of study is designed by the student and IMP faculty adviser to utilize two or more departments to gain educational experiences that bridge each department while directing the student toward a unique professional goal. The coursework should be focused on achieving a specific aim through the use of existing courses and faculty expertise. Through the IMP, the student should gain a multi-disciplinary education that is not currently available in any existing major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Students without definite academic plans should register in the Academic Exploration Program rather than in the Interdisciplinary Major Program. 

Eligibility: Students are eligible for the program if they are a least a second semester freshman, have fewer than 70 hours completed and/or in progress, and have a Bradley University grade point average of 3.0.

For more information, see the Interdisciplinary Major Program description in the undergraduate catalog.