About the Program

The Army ROTC program is designed to be a four year program of study that is completed concurrently with a student's chosen academic major. However, the program can be completed in as little as two years. In order to earn constructive credit for the first two years of the program, students can attend the four week Army ROTC Cadet Initial Entry Training Course (CIET) at Fort Knox, KY or show credit for completion of military basic training.

Students may participate in the first two years of Military Science with absolutely no military service obligation.

Graduate students may also participate in the program by attending the Leaders Training Course or military basic training before entering the program.

Prior Service, National Guard and Reserve Soldiers

Our program is also open to prior service military veterans as well as Soldiers currently serving the National Guard and Reserve forces.  Please see the links below for how you can join ROTC.

Nursing Students

The ROTC Program is also looking for highly skilled nursing students that are interested in serving as an Army Nurse.  For more information about the Bradley University Nursing Program, click here.  For more information about Army ROTC nursing students please click here.

Engineering Students

Bradley offers many disciplines including civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering. Cadets pursuing one of these majors are able to balance their school work and ROTC.  Engineering internships may be available during the summer.  Army Engineering career providers include U.S. Army Engineer School and the U.S. Corps of Engineers


Students take a Military Science course each semester (freshman through senior year) and participate in a weekly leadership laboratory in order to develop their leadership and military skills.  After their junior year, students attend a four week Cadet Leadership Course (CLC), with Army ROTC Cadets from across the nation, to enhance and evaluate their leadership abilities. 

Upon successful completion of the Army ROTC program and receipt of a Bachelor's or Master's Degree, students receive a commission as an Army Officer in the rank of Second Lieutenant (2LT). Newly appointed 2LTs will serve in either on Active Duty,  in the Army National Guard, or the Army Reserve.

For more information, contact:
MAJ Brent Anderson