Global Scholars

In a globalized world, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Global Scholars Program offers you an opportunity to gain a background in global studies and cross-cultural knowledge. The program blends foreign languages, study abroad and select general education courses that expose you to global and cultural forces. It's a springboard of information, ideas and skills critical in a competitive job market.

The Global Scholars Program provides a unique opportunity for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors to be exposed to a broad spectrum of global and cultural forces. It's designed to encourage you to be involved in global affairs, and it's a valuable springboard if you want to pursue future international opportunities. The program accomplishes this by introducing a global perspective to your general education courses in several disciplines.

You will earn a "Global Scholar" designation after completing requirements. The designation is recognized three ways:

  • Formal recognition by the dean of the college
  • Citation at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Day Ceremony
  • Identification, through an exclusive logo, on your official university transcript and resume

Program Requirements

World Languages - 0-8 hrs.

LAS Global Scholars students must complete at least two semesters of college-level foreign language study or its equivalent. This requirement may be met in several ways:

  1. Completion of a two-semester sequence (101-102) or higher.
  2. Transfer of similar credits from another institution.
  3. By proficiency examination (AP or CLEP). Note: if you place into a level above 102, only one course is necessary.

Coursework - 10 hrs.

The third 3-credit hour course can also be from the World Cultures or Global Systems categories or from one of the following natural science courses:

  • BIO 300: Population, Resources and Environment
  • CHM 102: Chemistry and Civilization
  • GES 300: Oceanography: The Human Perspective

Note: Only 3 credit hours can be from your major.

Study Abroad - 3 hrs.

Studying abroad gives you a deeper understanding of the institutions, history and languages of other societies and cultures. Bradley provides a variety of study abroad options throughout the year at institutions in 18 countries. Visit the Study Abroad website for more information.

Capstone - 3 hrs.

You have three options to complete this requirement:

  1. Completion of an independent study course on a global-themed topic (see list for courses)
  2. Completion of ENG 304: Advanced Writing – Research in Individual Discipline on a global-themed topic
  3. Completion of a capstone course on a global-themed topic (see list for courses)

You must earn a “B” or better in the capstone course. Capstone application form must be completed.

Note: You must maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA at Bradley in order to graduate as an LAS Global Scholar.