Why Choose Liberal Arts and Sciences?

A Personalized Approach 

Our world-class faculty and dedicated staff deliver a personalized academic experience.  Bradley's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides an environment for students to develop an awareness of the great issues facing humanity, while allowing them to thrive through experiential learning opportunities that include amazing internships, cutting-edge undergraduate research, exciting study abroad programs and life-changing service learning beyond the classroom.

Job Market Skills

This LAS Lecture Series panel discussion will provide you with an insider's view of how the knowledge and skills learned through a Liberal Arts and Sciences education are necessary in today's ever-changing job market.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The college provides undergraduate research and other transformational learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. Students in all of our majors have opportunities to engage collaborative scholarship and service learning activities with faculty mentors.

Traditionally, small colleges are recognized as centers for teaching excellence and large universities are recognized as centers for cutting-edge research. Due to our focus on the individual student and our deep commitment to learning and discovery, Bradley is ideally suited to meld the two poles (teaching and research) into an initiative that integrates the best of both academic instructional models.

Recent research successes include: