We Are Global Event Planners

Our customers are surprised when they learn that we can help them with their conference even if it's not at Bradley University...even if it's not in Peoria.

We have hosted conferences on both coasts, in Chicago, and even in Hawaii. So we are experienced in the work of long distance conference planning and hosting.

But we welcome you to hold your conference at Bradley University. It’s a great place to host a group.

Regardless of the location, your conference planning will depend on an experienced team of conference planners.

  • We'll help you find a site for your conference.  
  • We'll arrange all the meals. 
  • We'll assist with transportation planning. 
  • We'll make sure all your speakers have the audio/visual materials they need - including copies of their handouts. 
  • We'll arrange social events for conferees and their guests. 
  • We'll staff the registration desk - on site - to check in your participants, distribute conference packets, assist with walk-in registrations (and payment), prepare name tags, answer local questions, and serve as the "answer desk" for your conference attendees.

Bottom line - we're there to help you regardless of your location.