We're Savvy About Technology - to Help Your Participants and You

If you stop and think about it, your conference participants are like online shoppers. When they hear about your conference, they look for the same technology experience they have when they search the web for a product or information.

  • That means they are looking for a conference website where they can find out more about your event. 
  • They want to register online for your program. 
  • Or maybe they want to go online to print out a registration form that they will mail in.

As the conference coordinator, you are also in need of technology support.

  • You may want to see a report of attendees (sorted in any of a dozen ways). 
  • Maybe you'll want to see a spreadsheet tracking revenues and expenses.  
  • You will want to capture email addresses of participants, so you can communicate with them about your conference. 
  • Perhaps you will want to reach your participants through many channels like the web, mail, email, and social networks like Facebook.

We know your participants - and you - are savvy when it comes to the use of technology. That's why...

You can count on us to provide many of the technology solutions you and your participants expect.