You Can Trust That Your Information is Secure With Us

Your conference participants want to register online. They expect it.

And we can deliver.

Not only can we provide online registration, we can also assure your participants that their information is secure.

  • Giving your attendees the ability to register online tells conference participants that you recognize their need for quick and convenient registration options.


  • Don't be fooled. Not all online registration protects your personal information. When you work with us, you are assured that online registration is done on a secure network. 


  • Bradley University monitors threats to its computer networks and routinely updates anti-virus software on all systems commonly attacked by identity thieves. Credit card security is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. 


  • If your conference participants choose to complete a registration form - rather than registering online - they can be confident that their personal information is stored in a restricted area. 


  • We've got a back-up. Every night our data is replicated on a secure system outside our office. In the event of a disaster, we can retrieve all electronic information.


Show your customers that you understand their preferences for quick - and safe - online registration.

Arrange conference registration services with someone you can trust…

…like us.