It's About the Bottom Line - and More

Let’s start with the bottom line. Are you wondering how much it costs to plan your conference with Continuing Education?

It’s a question we often hear but are challenged to answer directly. Price is based on the services you choose.

So from a menu of services, you have many options. We can provide basic registration services, or we can coordinate every detail of your conference. Our pricing is based on what you require.

It may sound like we’re avoiding the question, but the ambiguity is an invitation for you to decide how much you want us to help. And that decision will depend on factors like budget and time, two critical decision points for your conference.

Our guarantee is that you’ll feel like our work was worth the cost. That’s how we can impact your bottom line.

Now let’s talk about the other side of the “valued” concept. Will you be glad you worked with us?

Let our customers answer that question. Here are their testimonials.