OLLI Learns

OLLI Learns

Lifelong learning can continue outside of OLLI events.  Many OLLI members choose to find learning in what they, read, listen to, and watch when away from OLLI activities. And they have a lot of choices. 

Amazon lists 32 million books, YouTube has 5 billion videos watched daily, and there are at least 700,000 podcasts with 90 million episodes.   These contain lifelong learning opportunities to the max.

So, with all these choices, what have OLLI members discovered worthwhile?  The answer can be found on OLLI Learns, a webpage where members can both share what they have found useful and see what others recommend. 

OLLI Learns currently has 4 categories. They are Books (previously OLLI Reads), Podcasts, YouTubes, and TED Talks.  Additionally there is a "Submit Item" tab that allows you to share your findings in these categories.  Please do!  Help us all separate the wheat from the chaff in these countless learning opportunities. Finally, a help page is available where you can find FAQs and send in any comments or questions about the site.

OLLI Learns is unique to our OLLI at Bradley University.  Please support it by submitting items that you have found enhanced your lifelong learning.

Make sure you visit this new website created and updated by OLLI members who are sharing their recommendations about the things they are reading, watching, and listening to.  Thank you so much!