About Our Program


For over 26 years, the Piano Preparatory School at Bradley University has provided outstanding private piano instruction for Central Illinois children. Our faculty members combine great enthusiasm with traditional and Suzuki teaching methods, and our students have been very successful in a number of local and regional piano competitions.

No prior music training is necessary, and lessons are available for students from age 4 through 18. Enrollment is limited, and first priority is given to continuing students. Teachers place students according to their age and experience.

Beginners enroll for 30-minute lessons while more advanced students may take 30- or 45-minute lessons. Instructors work with parents to determine when children are ready to advance.

Classical Guitar

The classical guitar program is for children ages 4 – 18, and no prior music training is necessary. The instructor will place students according to their age and experience. Additionally, the program will offer these distinctive features. 

  • “Right-sized” Guitars. The children will learn to play on guitars suited to their size thus enhancing early success and minimizing hand injury.
  • Small Classes. Beginners tend to be more comfortable in a group than playing solo. Our lessons will be conducted with groups of four or fewer.
  • Parent Involvement. Parents are welcome to attend lessons and reinforce skill development at home.
  • Distinctive Curriculum. A variety of teaching styles will be used that will help kids become comfortable with the guitar while learning how to read and play music. A student can be playing a familiar tune in the first lesson!
  • Proven Instructor. A 26-year veteran of classical guitar instruction, the teacher is a Bradley music faculty member and classical guitar performer who is known for his love of music, sense of humor, and patient temperament.