World of Wonder Primary

All students entering 1st – 3rd grades are automatically eligible for WOW Primary program.

WOW Gifted and Talented Program

Students entering grades 4 through 9.

In order to help your students get the classes they desire, we ask that you complete the application process first, then submit eligibility documents.

One of the following criteria must be met:

  • Enrollment in a gifted or talented program within the current academic year
  • Achievement test scores of one grade level above current grade level (according to national norms)
  • IQ score of 120 or above
  • Exemplary classroom performance as indicated by the most recent report card and a recommendation from a teacher or principal that describes student’s gifted and talented traits

Home schoolers may submit an essay detailing why they would like to attend WOW.

If your student does not meet any of the eligibility guidelines, please complete the application form, and staff will determine if your student will benefit from participation.  In determining eligibility, staff consider these questions:

  • Will this student benefit from the classes offered?
  • Is this student described by the following definition of gifted and talented children:

Children whose mental development is accelerated beyond the average child or who have demonstrated a specific aptitude or talent.

Children who have demonstrated exceptional ability in academic subjects, high-level thought processes, divergent thinking, or creativity.

Children who display all or some of the following traits:  learn easily, show initiative, enjoy learning, work independently, offer unique insights, develop many interests, communicate effectively, or solve problems creatively.

Eligibility Form