AEP Advising

Students in the Academic Exploration Program (AEP) receive personalized one-on-one advisement before and during their class selection process from professional advisors. 

Advisors in AEP work to help students identify coursework that will help them explore major options while simultaneously completing graduation requirements. Through their time in AEP, students will learn about efficiently selecting courses that keep them on-track for timely graduation, a skill that helps in the years after they have declared a major.

Freshman AEP students will be assigned an advisor at summer orientation. In most cases, students will be advised by the instructor of their section of AEP 100. Students may contact their advisor at any time for questions about course registration, major options, and referrals to university resources.

Both new and current AEP students must meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes each semester. Those students who are at risk for earning a "C" or below for any courses at mid-term will work with their advisor to develop a plan for improving that course grade before the end of the semester.

General tips for preparing for advising appointments can be found here.

Students should locate their advisor's contact information to book an appointment.