Exposure is a key component to the Academic Exploration Program. When we ask students to think about the careers they have considered in the past, almost every student remembers a time when they thought about being a teacher. Digging into that, we realize that this is because most students have seen the work of a teacher for 12+ years. It's one of the first professional careers students experience in their lives, and it's one with which many have the most familiarity.

We recognize the value of exposure in identifying and understanding one's interests. AEP staff works to connect students with exposure to careers they are or might be interested in pursuing. Students will be advised to enroll in coursework that will introduce them to academic disciplines of interest. The Majors & Minors Fair puts students directly in contact with current students and faculty from across campus to learn firsthand about a variety of majors and their opportunities. Using alumni relationships and the Smith Career Center, students can also participate in the Footsteps job shadowing program.

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