Course Descriptions

ANT 101 - The Anthropological Perspective (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. NW
Core Curr. GP WC
Introduction to field of cultural anthropology and its unique perspective for the study of human culture and societies. Examines modes of social organization and dimensions of culture worldwide. Students are introduced to the diversity of human cultures and to anthropological theories and methods through ethnographic examples drawn from a variety of non-Western cultures. Focuses on processes and institutions of enculturation, including linguistic, economic, kinship, religious, political, and aesthetic practices. Considers the processes of culture change and the effects of colonialism and globalization on these processes.

ANT 102 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology (3 hours)
Examines fundamental aspects of the physical nature of humans and human variability. Selectively reviews the long record of human biological adaptations that have existed from the appearance of the earliest hominids up to the development of anatomically modern forms. Topics include principles and mechanisms of evolution, human variation and adaptability, non-human primate behavior,

ANT 303 - Culture & Belief: Magic, Witchcraft, Religion (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. NW
Introduces students to the anthropology of religion, examining the relationship between culture and belief in a cross-cultural perspective and exploring a variety of religious experiences from different cultures around the world, with an emphasis on small-scale and non-Western societies. The course also examines beliefs in magic, witchcraft, and sorcery; animism; ritual; possession and trance; the intersection of belief and healing; religious syncretism and the impact of colonialism on religious belief. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or SOC 101 or ANT 101.

ANT 305 - Peoples and Cultures of the World (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. NW
Core Curr. GP WC
Examines the cultural and structural features of a particular region of the globe or a specific cultural group. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the processes and institutions of enculturation, and examine the effects of colonialism and globalization on the processes of cultural change. Topics will vary by semester and will be stated in the semester schedule of classes. Geographic foci will include, among others, Asia, Latin America, and indigenous Australia. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 semester hours. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or SOC 101 or ANT 101.

ANT 306 - Illness and Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective (3 hours)
Introduces medical anthropology and the social aspects of health, illness, and healing in different cultures. Considers the interaction between 'traditional' healing systems and biomedicine in developing nations and among transnational populations. Explore Prerequisite: SOC 100 or SOC 101 or ANT 101.

ANT 314 - Indigenous Peoples (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. NW
Core Curr. GP WC
Analysis of the experiences of indigenous peoples around the world. Focus on social, cultural and historical patterns, with an examination of the effects of colonialism and globalization. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or ANT 101; or consent of instructor.

ANT 402 - Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods (3 hours)
Gen. Ed.
The purpose of this class is to learn what ethnographic and qualitative research is and how ethnographers and qualitative researchers work. Students will read and discuss a variety texts on methodological issues; read and critique ethnographic texts; and engage in qualitative research by designing a mini-research project, carrying it out, analyzing data, and writing it up. Topics covered include research questions and design, ethics and informed consent, ethnographic representation and responsibility, theoretical and practical concerns about fieldwork and participant observation, field notes, interviews and life histories, processing and analyzing data, and writing up research results. Prerequisite: SOC 101 or ANT 101; and Anthropology minor or Sociology major

ANT 403 - Anthropology Senior Project (1-3 hours)
Special study of individual topics in anthropology with faculty supervision. Primarily for Anthropology Minors. Prerequisite: ANT 101; or instructor consent.

SOC 300 - Cross-Cultural Perspectives On Gender (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. NW
Examines the construction of gender in non-western societies, concentrating on the way gender shapes and is shaped by power relations in these societies. Prerequisite: SOC 100, SOC/ANT 101, or consent of instructor.

SOC 311 - Comparative Family Systems (3 hours)
Gen. Ed. NW
Comparative study of non-Western family systems, with a focus on cross-cultural differences and the potential conflicts of migration. Varying focus on families of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Prerequisite: SOC 100, SOC/ANT 101, or consent of instructor.