Beginning in Fall 2013 students at Bradley may declare a minor in Anthropology.  The minor is part of the Department of Sociology and Social Work.  

A Minor in Anthropology consists of 15 credit hours in Anthropology and Sociology.  

Students must take two core courses:

  • ANT 101: The Anthropological Perspective
  • ANT 402: Ethnographic and Qualitative Methods

In addition, they complete 9 hours of electives from among the following courses:

  • ANT 102 Physical Anthropology
  • SOC 300 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender
  • ANT 303 Culture & Belief: Magic, Witchcraft,& Religion
  • ANT 305 Peoples and Cultures of the Non-Western World
  • ANT 306 Illness & Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • SOC 311 Comparative Family Systems
  • ANT 314 Native Americans 

The Anthropology minor is open to students from all colleges and majors. 

Students majoring in Sociology may declare a minor in Anthropology, but they must declare a focus area other than Global Studies for their Sociology major.