The Bunn Lectureship in Photography

-Photo by Joyce Tenneson

Made possible by a generous donation from Bradley alums, Jacob and Lorrie Bunn, for the past 20 years The Bunn Lectureship in Photography has brought nationally and internationally recognized photographers to Bradley's campus. With the goal of broadening and enriching students' educational experience, this program supports exhibitions, lectures, and workshops where students benefit from direct interaction with professional photographers.    Past Bunn Lectureship in Photography artists include: Joyce Tenneson; John Paul Caponigro; National Geographic Photographer David Allen Harvey; FSA Photographer, Jack Delano; Olivia Parker; Eva Rubenstein; Pedro Meyer; Jane Alden Stevens from the University of Cincinnati; Craig Stevens from the Maine Photographic Workshops; John Kaplan, voted the best young photojournalist of 1989; and Renee C. Byer 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner for Feature Photography.