Ways of Making

November 20, 2017

Ways of Making – Donna Hapac
Hartmann Center Gallery
Exhibition: December 4 – February 16
Reception: December 9, 5:00-6:30pm

An exhibition featuring sculpture by artist Donna Hapac will be on display in Hartmann Center Gallery December 4th through January 3rd. Hapac is a sculptor who builds her forms from repeating elements.  She has worked in reed, acrylic fingernails, and wood. A reception will be held December 9th from 5:00-6:30 pm in the gallery.

Statement from the Artist:
My sculptures evoke the forms of animals and plants to inspire appreciation for our natural environment.

My approach to sculpture is additive.  I build my forms from repeated elements and this is true for all of the work in the show, regardless of medium.

The sculpture in this exhibition is drawn from three distinct bodies of work, based on their primary materials: reed, acrylic fingernails, or wood.

About thirty years ago, I made a shift from painting and drawing to sculpture.  I was inspired by both traditional crafts and contemporary fiber sculpture to explore new creative territory for me.  Using my own invented techniques, I began to create open forms that are containers of space, constructed primarily with reed and waxed linen thread.    I continued this approach, learning by doing and refining my techniques for some time.

In the early 2000’s, I took a detour and constructed my forms using acrylic fingernails, still using the linen thread and painting them with nail enamel.  These pieces were softer forms and less open, with a creepy edge to them.  After five years, I came back to the reed constructions with fresh ideas.

By 2015, I was studying woodworking to see how I could better use wood in my constructions.  Soon, I began making sculptures solely of wood, where my work is today.

Learn more about the artist at: http://www.donnahapac.com