Art graduate students present Reconsidering Space: One Room, Multiple Views

April 1, 2014

Four of the Department of Art's illustrious graduate students present Reconsidering Space: One Room, Multiple Views.

Alicia Conway will place tiny objects with cutout shadows to lead viewers through the architectural details of the gallery space at Studios on Sheridan. Jessica Bingham will reveal the beauty found and forgotten in decay. Kari Thornton's ceramic sculpture requires viewer interaction to activate the gallery space in a new way. Chrissy LaMaster will use projection to ask viewers to consider their own memories, the passage of time, and the impermanence of the physical human body.

Please join them for an opening reception Friday, April 4, 5-9 p.m. at Studios on Sheridan, 929 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria, IL 61606.  The reception is free and open to the public.