Art Professor Exhibits Sculpture in Chicago

Photo of Decision Point by Fisher Stolz

June 25, 2013

Photo of "Transformation" by Jyoti Srivastava

Associate Professor Fisher Stolz is very pleased to have three large-scale outdoor sculptures in significant locations concurrently in Chicago.   His most recent sculpture, installed in June of this year, is called "Momentum".  The dynamic form is meant to imply the motion of rotation and forward movement, a metaphor for life and the creative process.  It is crafted from stainless steel and bronze with dimensions of 9.5'L x 7.5'W x 9'H.  Geometric convergences can be found in several areas of the design.  "Momentum" will be at its current location near the entrance to Diversey Harbor in Lincoln Park for one year as part of the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, an annual show in its twelfth year.  The sphere form in "Momentum" contains a regular, random energetic bronze pattern within the stainless rings that interlink to make the sphere.  This element is a variation on a recently completed work of his in the Chicago Park District / Chicago Sculpture International Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition.  That sculpture, called "Transformation" (currently on display in Grant Park on the lake side of Lake Shore drive across from the Buckingham Fountain) uses the same materials in a similar way, but at a different scale.  "Transformation" will remain on display at that site until near the end of August.

The design of "Momentum" also recalls another recent sculpture by Stolz, currently being shown in Oak Park.  The sculpture is called "Decision Point".  Like "Momentum", it also has a "V" form as one of the primary visual aspects and also features convergences in the geometry of the elements.  Rather than a bronze and stainless steel sphere, "Decision Point" uses an 8' long slightly arcing limestone form that is tapered at both ends as a primary focal point in the work.  The Oak Park Sculpture Walk is an exhibition that runs from May until September of this year.