BU Photo Festival Highlights Photography for Majors and Interested Students

March 26, 2012

By Ivy Hillman '12 

The theme of the first annual BU Photo Festival was "Faces," which featured three categories: portrait, self-portrait and animal portrait. Students sent photos in electronically to photography professor Anastasia Samoylova, who then uploaded them to the Festival's Facebook page so students could vote for their favorites. The voting process was open for one week and ended with a reception on Friday, March 23.

Kirsten Krupps, junior advertising major, won in both the self-portrait and animal portrait categories.

"On the morning when voting was about to end, the image we assumed would be the winner with 260 votes was suddenly surpassed by another one with 274 votes," Samoylova said. 

Winners in each category received award certificates and Amazon gift cards.

Samoylova wanted to create an event that could highlight the photography major on its own and also get her students who are not photography majors more involved.

"I noticed how enriching the presence of other majors could be in my classroom," Samoylova said.  She is currently teaching business, engineering, interactive media, and graphic design students in her classes.

"These students bring an entirely different, new perspective into a classroom of primarily photography majors, making it a more diverse and interesting creative environment. I feel like the community of photography majors truly benefits from the presence of new students," Samoylova said.

Her goal with the Festival was to gather students who shared a passion for photography. And, she succeeded. Submissions came in from students in actuarial science, family and consumer science, foreign language, mechanical engineering, physical therapy, and advertising, among others.

"A few people are already thinking of taking photography classes next year, so I am hoping the program will continue to flourish with the inclusion of new students who would add photography as a second major or just take a few classes in order to explore their passion on a more professional level," Samoylova said.

The tremendous success of the BU Photo Fest was a result of the help of photography students. Several assisted during the reception and with communication with finalists. Others helped to set up a photo booth, brought in costumes and even invited a DJ.

"Really, everyone who is taking a photo class came in an did something to help. I think the event went well, and now the next thing to look forward to for us is the Senior Photography Show on April 27 at the Backspace Gallery. Watch out for posters with the announcement!" Samoylova said.