SCCFA Exemplary Intern

February 21, 2014

By Jeff Plotner, '15

Bradley student Nicole Van Schaick ‘14 received the 2014 Smith Career Center Co-op Intern Student of the Year for her work with the W.D. Boyce Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Council, headquartered in Peoria, reaches youth throughout central Illinois.

A graphic design major with a minor in interactive media, Van Schaick has been involved with the W.D. Boyce Council through the Illinois Cooperative Work-Study grant program for almost two years. The grant program is designed to aid in funding internships with not-for-profit companies.

“Bradley serves as a good model for the grant,” said Kimberly Dunn, the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts career administrator with the Smith Career Center. “We have always been traditionally a top-receiver of the grant." 

An internship for a not-for-profit organization like the Scouts may have been an unconventional choice, but Van Schaick found the community environment allowed her creative freedom and a leading role in design development. 

During her internship, Van Schaick worked on downtown Peoria’s extreme five-mile race, designing “Mud Mayhem” logos for t-shirts, billboards and posters that colored the city and gave the young intern what every artist wants—exposure.  Seeing her original graphic art come to life on the streets of Peoria was a “surreal experience” for the intern.

In the future Van Schaick hopes to stay involved with the W.D. Boyce Council of the Boy Scouts of America and would like to work for a not-for-profit company where her work in graphic design can become a catalyst for change.

“I want to design for something I support,” said Van Schaick. “I want to motivate people to do good things.”

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