Prairie Center of the Arts

Bradley maintains a close relationship with the Prairie Center of the Arts, an interdisciplinary residential arts community that offers state of the art industrial fabrication equipment, including CNC milling and water-jet cutting machines capable of fashioning a variety of materials. Recent additions include large format color imaging equipment. Located in a former rope factory in Peoria’s downtown, the facility has large spaces suitable for collaborative exhibitions and environmental installations.


The Illinois Women Artists Project (IWA) honors the creativity of female artists in all disciplines active in Illinois prior to 1980 by promoting research on their lives and works. The information is made available via a digital archive, web resources and varied programming. IWA welcomes biographical information on artists not yet included in the archive, and will promote relevant programming on women artists active in Illinois before 1980.

In odd-numbered years, IWA organizes the biennial Midwest Women Artists Symposium with the Art Department as well as a biennial Citywide Celebration of Women in the Arts organized with ArtsPartners of Central Illinois.


Tottenham Hale International Studios

Opened in 2010, Tottenham Hale International Studios (THIS) currently contains 22 artists, offering affordable studios housed in a late 19th century Church in Tottenham North London. The open plan layout of the studios supports the cooperative ideas of the studio members to aid transparency, opportunity and community. Each studio artist plays a key role in the running of the space, including running local workshops and international residencies on a volunteer basis.

THIS international residency exchange program, currently in its second year, offers incoming artists from selected organizations the opportunity to support the production of new work and engage with the local context of Tottenham. The residency program is based on an exchange between THIS and other organizations. Bradley University is proud to be a partner organization. Other partner organizations include Hospitalfield in Angus (Scotland), Toba─Źna 001, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Askeaton Contemporary Arts, Co. Limerick (Rep. of Ireland), and Homesession, Barcelona (Spain).

  • 2016 THIS artist in residence at Bradley University: Sophie Ansell
  • 2017 Bradley University artist in residence at THIS: Alexander Martin, M.F.A. 2017
  • 2017 THIS artist in residence at Bradley University: Bryony Hussey
  • 2018 Bradley University artist in residence at THIS: Dylan Roberts, M.A. 2018


The Friends of Art is an organization of individuals who have a passion for art and are interested in supporting the creative programs at Bradley University.