Degree Programs


Art History Major

The Art History Major at Bradley University immerses students in the study of visual culture. Students learn to interpret the visual through methodologies dedicated to the historical, the material, the theoretical and the critical. Ways of addressing and analyzing the range of materials that constitute visual culture are emphasized in lectures and through the oral and written presentation of research and inquiry into specific objects, periods, and issues.

Studio Art Major

Studio Art Majors at Bradley University learn a diverse skill set, which includes technical knowledge, creative problem solving, and academic competence. A strong foundations program grounds each studio art major in traditional processes while also introducing them to digital and time-based arts. With three different degree options and seven concentrations including: ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, the studio art major is flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual student. We offer the students seven concentrations to chose from:

Art Education Major

Art Education Majors at Bradley University gain hands-on experience as they complete a studio major as well as the education requirements leading to teacher certification. This major encourages the understanding of the arts and other forms of visual culture, policy, and education for all students through a curriculum that is research-based, interdisciplinary, and intent on collaboration with communities within the University, state, nation, and world. 

Students desiring to teach art at the elementary or secondary level must complete the same requirements as those for a BA, BS, or BFA degree with a major in studio art, as well as professional education requirements. (Consult the Teacher Education section of the undergraduate catalog.) We offer the students seven concentrations to chose from:

The State of Illinois requires content area competency tests for certification. Students will be assigned advisors in the Department of Art and Design and in Teacher Education. Regular consultation with both advisors is extremely important. NOTE: This degree requires more than 124 semester hours to complete. It is also possible to earn a BFA degree with teacher certification. However, both options will require more than four years of study. 

Studio Art Minor

Our Studio Art Minor is for those who need creativity or problem solving skills in addition to their major. There are two 21 hour possibilities in this minor: two dimensional or three dimensional.

Art History Minor

The Art History Minor is for students who wish to grow in their knowledge of visual history. The total this minor is 18 hours.


Master of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art

The graduate art program is designed to develop a student's studio and scholarly abilities. Graduate Fine Art students will gain a terminal graduate degree: Master of Fine Art (M.F.A.). The rewards for developing one's artistic talents are personal, professional and community based. The expression of emotions and concepts through an artistic medium stimulates and challenges society and contributes to the growth of the culture. Professional careers in the arts are challenging, demanding, and at times, frustrating, but for the persevering artist the rewards are deeply gratifying and personally enriching.

Master of Arts Degree in Studio Art

The graduate art program demonstrates a students' potential to solve contemporary problems. Students in the graduate Art program will receive a Master of Arts in Studio Art (M.A.). The opportunities for professional development in the Bradley program are great with an intentionally small student-faculty ratio of 1:2. The relationships among students and faculty are warm and collegial. Studio spaces are closely maintained for each graduate student. There is a balanced relationship between an individual commitment to one's work and responsibility to the community of the college and the artist's community and the world.